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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Karma chameleon

My name is Phoebe and I am 6. I have a sister called Olympia (4). My Mum is Alison and she is a curator and writer and my Dad, Michael, is an artist. They help me to write this blog, which is about things I like: music, fashion, art, food, playing with my friends and my sister, travelling and learning about the world, and much, much more!

So here's something I like right now.

Mark Ronson and the Business Int. song with Boy George "Somebody to love me", which I listen to in the car, so Mum and Dad showed me what Boy George used to look like when he was in Culture Club. I love Karma Chameleon, especially when they walk the plank. Here's a link to the film clip.


maryb said...

Oh Phoebe - congratulations on your first blog. It will be wonderful, and now I can follow you wherever you are in the world. xx

Chrissy Knight said...

Phoebe - remind me to one day show you the photo of me dresses at Boy George for a fancy dress party! I was a big fan too!