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Saturday, September 24, 2011

adios amigos!

Today I am leaving for Spain!

We will be living in Barcelona for 3 months in an apartment. I am very excited although I will miss my friends.

Last night I saw a cooking program about Barcelona and they were making creme catalana, which Mum says is a bit like a baked custard.

It will be the FIRST thing I eat when I get there. I will report back!
Love Phoebe x


JmeLee said...

I hope you packed your yellow headband and pretty shirt and Miss O took along her pretty dress :) you will have to take lots of pics to show me and especially one of you girls in your outfits :) Lots of Love Miss J

Melsch said...

Looks YUMMY, Phoebes! Miss you!

DebbieB said...

Hi Phoebe, I'd love to follow you around Barcelona. I went to the same school Mummy went to and Barcelona is my newest favourite city. I was there in March and loved it and know you will too. I had too many Catalona Cremes- I hope you enjoy them.
Have fun and enjoy this lovely city.
Debbie B

Chrissy Knight said...

It looks yummy Phoebe. I can't wait to hear what you think of it. Enjoy Spain my sweet. xxx

Miss Dallas said...

Hi Phoebe, I saw that show too and thought the food looked very yummy...I hope you try lots of different things while you're away and perhaps teach me a thing or two when you get back....Love Miss Dallas xox

czavros said...

Hi Phoebe,
Yum yum. I wish I could be there to enjoy the Creme Catalana with you and Olympia.
Love Grandma Chris