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Thursday, December 20, 2012

Christmas in Roma

The Romans really love Christmas! There are lights everywhere, Christmas trees in all the piazzas and even buses covered in fairy lights.

In Piazza Navona the square is filled with stalls selling witches on broomsticks (an Italian Christmas thing) and also Mela Stregata (poisoned apples) which are basically toffee apples and chocolate covered apples. We are going to buy our Christmas stockings there.

Almost every night outside the Fendi store there is a show - trapeze artists and even fake snow! Outside Fendi they give away toffee apples to kids, so we have been going as often as we can.

There is a huge tree at the top of the Spanish Steps that they have slowly been decorating.

We are going to be in Venice for Christmas so if we don't get the chance on Christmas Day I will say Buon Natale! Mum says Santa WILL find us in Venice...

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Mary said...

Hello Phoebe,
The old lady on the broom is not a witch, she is Befana and she flies all around Italy on the night of January 5th, she leaves treats for the good children and carbona (coal) for the naughty ones. I am sure Santa will find you in Venice, Buon Natale e Buon Capodanno!


Anonymous said...

Christmas in Rome looks fantastic. I thought it was cold enough for real snow. There's nothing loke a toffee apple. I hope you all clean your teeth before bed.
And now off to Venice. And I know Santa will definitely find you.
I wonder if he will use a gondola?
Loveas always
Grandma XXXXX

maryb said...

I'd say that you are in Italy at the most perfect time of the year, seeing all the Christmas lights, celebrating in the streets, and having cold weather for a change. It's very hot back here. I'm envious. You look beautiful in the red coat and I can see that you and Olympia are warm. Lots of love Mary xx