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Sunday, December 16, 2012

Jet lag

Well we are in Italy! We are all very excited to be here on this new adventure.

 It is freezing here in Rome and we have been dressing up in our coats every day as we explore this amazing city. Here we are at the Spanish Steps, very near our apartment on via della Croce.

When we left our home in Brisbane it was very hot.

We watched movies ALL the way to Italy. Leo thinks the seats are huge in Economy.

This is our apartment in Rome where we will be for nearly three weeks. We are having breakfast.

We all had terrible jet lag when we got to Rome. This is what happened every night...





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maryb said...

Isn't jet lag the most awful feeling?! You soon forget it though, when you step outside into a different city that is really exciting. I love the photos of Leo falling asleep. Love & hugs to you all, Mary xx

Anonymous said...

I just love that photo of you and Olympia and Leo on the Spanish Steps. It does look very cold.
Poor old Leo, asleep in his pasta.
Love as always

Grandma XXXXX