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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Blades of Glory

There is an ice skating rink in Placa Catalunya in the lead up to Christmas! We went ice skating with our cousin Philippa from South Africa (Mum has a LOT of South African cousins), who is staying with us for a few weeks until we all go to South Africa, and Gerry who is here from Australia. Gerry held Leo while we all skated.

We had to wear helmets in case we fell down. I was actually pretty good compared to the last time I went skating.

Philippa was REALLY good!

Dad was quite good too.

Mum thought she was really good.

Olympia just fell down!

It was great fun.

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czavros said...

You all look fantastic on the ice. It looks loke so much fun. But girls I'm not happy, no photos of Leo!!!!!
Love Grandma

Anonymous said...

I love to ice-skate, but it's been MANY years since I've done it. Maybe when you get back to Brisbane we can all go together. I'm glad you all enjoyed it so much. Am I right in thinking Daddy looked a bit like a duck when he skated???? haha. Mum DOES look very good at skating, no duck bottom for her!!! ;-)

Big hugs
Chrissy xxx