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Sunday, December 4, 2011

tarragona (take two)

You will remember we went to Tarragona twice, to see the some of the sites we missed when we got caught in a storm. Tarragona has some very important Roman ruins, including an amphitheatre, a theatre in the round. You can see the ocean in the background and some ships, waiting to bring things into the port of Tarragona.

You can see down underneath the theatre where they would have kept the lions, gladiators and naughty children.

Mum and Dad bought us two wooden swords so we could pretend to be gladiators. Mum says this may have been a poor parenting decision.

We made some films in the shadow of the Roman circus (where you can see the tracks of the chariots that used to race around the circus). Here is one of them:

from Phoebe


czavros said...

Hi Phoebe and Olympia,
you two look like knights who have just stepped out of Camelot. Two knights of the Round Table - knights to King Arthur.
Love Grandma Chris

maryb said...

I went to Tarragona in 1971----- that's a LONG time ago isn't it.! I don't remember much about it except that the rum was cheaper than the coke......!
About that poor parenting decision - all parents do that sometimes. It looks a lot of fun.!
love Maryx