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Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Spanish lullabye

My sister and I have been very excited  to see some flamenco music and dance in Spain. Mostly we love the beautiful dresses. While we were in Granada dad bought us some some flamenco dresses. Flamenco is very popular in the south of Spain and this is where it first began - in the Andalusian region. Even though it was very cold in Granada my sister wore her dress a lot.

Last week we visited Spain's capital Madrid (more on Madrid later) and stayed with our good friends Jimmy and Michelle and their children Mimi, Ruby and Ned in their apartment right behind the Prado Museum. This made Mum very happy. 

Mimi and Ruby are very serious about flamenco.

We visited them at their flamenco lesson, when they are practising their dance for the Queen of Spain (!)

and they showed us where to buy handmade and vintage flamenco dresses. We were very excited.

My sister even wore a flamenco dress when we visited the Prado Museum. No one was looking at the Spanish Masterpieces (or John Galliano who was following us!).

Now that we are back in Barcelona, we have been practicing our Flamenco dancing and Flamenco posturing every day.

Mum has been trying to find some Spanish music for us but dad found this.

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maryb said...

Woo hoo & ole´Phoebe !! I love Olympia's dress and the fact that she's wearing it all the time.!! That saves your Mum doing the washing.....! I hope she wears it a lot when you get back here - she would look good at QAG and GoMA... You must love that dancing. Can I come over for lessons when you get home? Fancy dancing for the Queen of Spain. Amazing.
Love Mary xx

Anonymous said...

Wow! I'm impressed. You all look sensational. I love that you have so many different types of dresses. I can't wait for you both to show me all your moves when you get home.

Big hugs to you all.

Carey said...

You seem to have come away with more than one flamenco dress! Like it! And I am lucky enough to have had a demonstration of your dancing - both of you!
Hope Leo's tooth has broken through by now.
Love to your whole family!
Soon you'll be swapping your flamenco dresses for venda head dresses or zulu beads!

Danielle said...

Wow phoebe, what an amazing time you're having, Poppie LOVES Olympia's dress - it looks so devine.

Thanks for sharing all your adventures with us - we can't wait for you to show us your dresses and your dancing when you get home.

Lots of Love
Danielle and Poppie and Parker

czavros said...

Well Miss O I think you were made for Flemenco dancing. You really have perfected the smouldering look. Pheoebe, how many dresses do you have? Your friends will love to come for dressing up when you get back home. Is there a dance outfit for the handsome Leo?
Love Grandma Chris

Michelle said...

WE miss you Phoebe, Olympia and baby Leo! But it looks like you are flamenco dancing REALLY well now and the dresses look GREAT!
This weekend we are off to stay in the cave!
Love Michelle, Jim, Mimi, Ruby and Ned.

Nadia said...

I love those dresses P & O... wish I had one, you're so lucky!!

Nadia xx.