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Thursday, December 8, 2011

A Storm of Swords in Vic

Spaniards love festivals and the Mercat Medieval (Medieval market) we visited this week in the Catalunyan city of Vic (pronounced Bic) was well worth the train trip.

The city of Vic is very beautiful  and there were hundreds of stalls set up for the festival. Everyone was dressed in medieval costume and selling local produce.

These young maidens had photos taken with these knights,

which caused a fight.

This man showed us archery.

He hit the target!

We saw some falconry. 

Hawks, kestrels, falcons, an eagle and many owls were sitting on their perches waiting for their turn to fly. 

While they waited they wore their special leather hoods which kept these birds of prey quiet.

There was so much to eat. We liked the look of this.

So we ate it.

There was lots to drink as well. My dad drank a horn full of mulled wine. And then another one.

It was VERY cold.

There were smiling logs everywhere but we're not sure why. I think it's for Christmas.

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czavros said...

Goodness gracious me girls, what a fabulous festival. I told you that you looked like knights of the round table. Now you've meet some more knights. Did you enjoy the mulled wine Daddy? I agree you need a second horn to make sure you really liked it!!!!!
The cold weather has arrived.
I love the snowy owl and the falcons but I think I like the meat on the spit the best.
Love Grandma Chris

maryb said...

It looks cold over there - your hooded coat with the hearts on it looks the right outfit to wear to a medieval market. I love the birds, especially the owl , and your dad looks as if he's enjoying his mulled wine. He would have only been drinking it because he was cold...
Lots of love to you all Maryx