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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

it's beginning to look a LOG like Christmas

It is almost Christmas, although we are going to South Africa for Christmas. Barcelona is twinkling with Christmas lights that hang on buildings, from buildings, in trees and between buildings along every avenue. Mum said that it doesn't look like austerity measures to her.

There is also a big Christmas market in front of the Cathedral that sells ornaments and Christmas decorations: real mistletoe, holly and Christmas trees,

nativity scenes,

things to make your own nativity scene with,

and even Australian gum leaves and wattle!

A very common ornament is the Christmas log - we are not quite sure what it is all about but kids like to gather around a BIG log and whack it with a stick. This makes Spanish children happy. Olympia and I are planning to whack the log too when we get a chance.

This is the big department store El Corte Ingles all lit up...

Leo loves the Christmas lights!

(that's Gerry poking her head out - more on Gerry later!)

I am sure Santa will know how to find us in South Africa...

with likes,


Anonymous said...

The Christmas lights look sensational. I'm glad Leo likes them so much. Mind you - you all look very happy.
Santa will certainly find you in South Africa (he's found me there before and I'm OLD!!! He's much better keeping an eye on all the children, so have no fear - he'll find you!)

Big hugs
Chrissy xxxx

czavros said...

Hi Phoebe and Olympia,
Have you put up some mistletoe?
Christmas in Barcelona looks really beautiful.
El Corte Ingles lookes splendid. Leo really looks like he loves the lights. He is getting so big.
Girls I am sure santa will find his way to South Africa.
And remember he puts a present under my tree just for you.
Love Grandma Chris

maryb said...

I'm so glad you're having Christmas in another country because you see the different traditions - like whacking a log!! - and you might remember some of the things to do back here next Christmas.
I can't believe the change in Leo - do you think he'll have blond hair like your Mum.???
Only 6 more sleeps until Santa comes - I think he comes to Australia first, before S.A. - so when he sees you're not here, he'll get the message about where you are.
has your mother got time to look at this--- (link above.---?
I'm LOVING your photos Phoebe, give my love to everyone & I look forward to reading something from where you'll be at Christmas.
Mary xx