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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Barcelona Zoo

Barcelona Zoo is most famous for Snowflake the albino gorilla who came to the zoo in 1966. He's been dead for almost ten years but there are still Snowflake postcards, posters etc all over Barcelona and now there's a new animated film devoted to him. 

It was exciting to see so many of the world's most exotic creatures assembled all in one place even if that place is very small and the locals ignore 'do not feed the animals' signs. 

I liked the chimpanzees the most because they were so funny. They were fighting and playing a lot.

this monkey was the cutest..

We have a rug just like this

Time to run!

Another sleepy leo...

Leo loved the zoo

 We brought sketch books and pencils so we could draw the animals

Olympia draws an elephant

Here it is...

Here is my giraffe drawing.


maryb said...

I just loved this post Phoebe,- the animals, cute monkey, laughing Leo,and especially your drawings. Zoos are always fun aren't they! This one looks particularly good.

Christine Knight said...

Great drawings girls. I'm glad you had such a fun day at the zoo. You all look so happy. xx

czavros said...

Wow girls!
Your drawings were fantastic. I think you both take after Daddy. Leo looks so happy. I hope Daddy held on tight to him when he was near Leo the lion!!!
Love Grandma Chris

Olivia said...

Very cool, and very funny Miss Olympia.
That looks so fun.
And Mr Leo you look sooo cute
Love Lou
P.s Your drawings look so good

Anonymous said...

Dear Phoebe I like reading your blog and I love your giraffe drawing. I miss you. I listened to your favorite song my sister has it on her iPod. I like dynamite by taio Cruz. We have a new teacher for club funk and her name is miss yuen way. Talk to you soon. Lots of love Zoe

Phoebe Z said...

Thanks Zoe! I miss you too - and Club Funk. Most days Olympia and I dance around to music in the apartment so I am practising my moves! X