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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

BIG in Korea

Last year my dad made a video artwork called We dance in the studio for an exhibition at the Institute of Modern Art in Brisbane. It is a film of me dancing to Lady Gaga's Paparazzi.  The video has now been included in an international touring exhibition called Selectively Revealed that opens this week in Korea at Aram Art Gallery, Seoul. 

The gallery has decided to use my picture to promote the exhibition. It is on the catalogue and invitations
and on very BIG posters around the city and on the side of the Gallery!

Next the exhibition will go to Indonesia then to Taiwan then to Thailand. You can read more about this exhibition here:

from Phoebe


maryb said...

OH Phoebe - you're FAMOUS ( again!). Fancy having your photo on the side of the building and on the invitations - gosh.... it must be a funny feeling to see yourself like that. Congratulations - and to your Dad as well.
When you get home I'll have to get your autograph.!
Love Mary xx

czavros said...

That is fantastic. I think daddy was on a big billboard like that once down in Newcastle. But he wasn't just six!
Love Grandma Chris

Christine Knight said...

I also want your autograph when you get home! How exciting to have such a big photo of you on a building. I think it's fabulous!
It was worth having to do the dance half a dozen times! Big hugs
Chrissy xxx