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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

the best thing to do with contemporary art...

 Here we are having lunch outside MACBA (Museu d' Art Contemporani de Barcelona) in El Raval. MACBA is the biggest contemporary art museum in Barcelona.

Leo is not a fan of contemporary art

This is a large round golden maze curtain thing

 It was great

The shadow from this simple rope suspended between two walls creates an elegant and metaphoric triangle until... my sister sees the spotlight

and here is a giant...I don't know what -  but mum and dad had a giggle at this one

this is very famous in Barcelona... Botero's giant bronze cat.

It's a boy


khristie B said...

Looks like a very fun time. I love the giant puss.

maryb said...

Ha ha Phoebe - I'm a bit like Leo - ( not a fan), - good photos there, and they made me smile & laugh...xx

Miss D said...

Tell your dad that this picture of the giant puss would have had a special place on that bull design he made for you.....

czavros said...

Hi Girls
Yes the photos made me laugh too.
I really loved that 'Leo is not a fan'! Very funny. Yor really are getting a graet education in Barcelona.
Love Grandma Chris

czavros said...

Hi Olympia
Great dancing. You look like you are having fun in the spotlight.
Love Grandma Chris