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Saturday, October 8, 2011


Today I tried a very traditional Spanish drink, xorcata (horchata). You usually find it at ice cream shops and it is a summer drink made from ground tiger nuts and sugar. It's delicious! There's probably only a few days left of summer and then most of the ice cream shops will shut until spring next year.


maryb said...

You're really having a feast over there - I've never had tiger nuts Phoebe - I wonder what they taste like?
TD wouldn't be able to live in Barcelona if the ice cream shops were shut.!!

czavros said...

Goodness gracious me Phoebe tiger nuts!!!!
I had to look them up on google.
Now I know what they are.
You are tasting lots of things that many people have never tasted.
Maybe one day you will grow up tto be food critic!!!