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Thursday, October 20, 2011

Run rabbit run, rabbit run run run

Today we went to the market and bought a rabbit for dinner. The butcher cut it up for us with her big cleaver.  She was also selling lots of other things I have never tried before like brains. She thought Leo was very cute but we didn't let her hold him.

 Dad cooked it in a typical Catalan way - CONEJO con jerez  y chocolate (RABBIT with sherry and chocolate).You can't really taste the chocolate but it makes the sauce a bit richer.

I had mine with some pasta. It tasted a bit like chicken but with lots of bones.

After dinner I felt inspired to make bunny shadow puppets.


Liza said...

I think this is the same rabbit & chocolate dish your dad cooked for me when I visited you in Barcelona last time you were there (you were just a baby then). It's delicious, isn't it? Ask your dad to cook you the crispy whitebait dish too. I think that's what it was. He'll know what I mean. It's super yummy.

maryb said...

Your dad must be a good cook - I would never have thought to put chocolate with rabbit... but I think I'd like it.! Your butcher looks a bit more glamorous than most butchers!! I like your bunny shadow puppets Phoebe - love to all.x

czavros said...

Well Phoebe,
I've never eaten rabbit but that dish really did look yummy. I'm glad you didn't let the butcher hold Leo. With his beautiful fat cheecks she might have thought he looked like a little bunny.
Love Grandma Chris

amanda james said...

Wow PZ! What a delicious dinner that would be. Hope you are well. Big hugs for everyone. x

Christine said...

From your picture Phoeb's it doesn't look like it was your favourite food! I'm proud that you try so many interesting dishes. Miss you - sending you big hugs. xx

Olivia said...

Yummy, I have never eaten rabbit before. Lucky you didn't let the butcher hold Leo.
Lots of love, I miss you,