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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

parc de la ciutadella

We have had really beautiful weather. Mum says this is called an 'Indian summer'. Last week we took advantage of a sunny day and went to visit the Parc de la Ciutadella. This is also where the zoo is. We walked all the way along from the Arc di Triomphe into the park, where we sat in the sun and ate our bocadillo (rolls) looking at the cascada (waterfall).

We obeyed the Park rules, not feeding the birds nor releasing any of ours

There is a really large mammoth statue in the park because the park is also home to the museum of zoology.

After we climbed on it, Dad took us for a row around the lake.

It was a bit scary going under the bridge. We all had to crouch down in the bottom of the boat so we didn't hit our heads.

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maryb said...

ha ha ha - I like the bit about " do not release your birds". Have you seen anyone walking around with a bird in a cage?? I'd climb that mammoth too. It all looks fun & your Dad had a workout doing some rowing..
xx Mary

czavros said...

Wow girls! It looks like you had a beautiful day in the park. You have been blessed with some wonderful weather. You both look so healthy and I do think you have both grown.
love as always Grandma Chris