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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Parc Guell

On Sunday we visited another famous Gaudi site, called Parc Guell (pronounced 'well'). It is a garden high on a hill overlooking Barcelona so it has amazing views.

It is, like Casa Batllo, filled with ornate tiles and lots of curving round lines. Gaudi was interested in nature and the forms found in nature. To get there we had to take a metro and then walk up a very BIG hill but it was worth it, even though there were lots of people there.

After we left the park we stumbled upon a mini festa in a side street, a festa major. The Spanish often use  big puppets. It was very loud, but all the locals had come out to watch and follow the parade.

1 comment:

czavros said...

Hi Phoebe and Olympia,
I posted the other day but it didn't get through.
I remember the day Mummy took me to that beautiful park. Phoebe you were about the same age as Leo.
He is getting so big and so so cute.
Love as always
Grandma Chris