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Tuesday, October 4, 2011

casa batllo

Well, we have been offline for a few days so there is a LOT to catch up on! With Adrian and Ingrid we visited one of the most important houses in Barcelona designed by Antoni Gaudi. You can go inside and see all of the rooms and even go on to the roof to see Barcelona.

 It is the kind of house a fairy might have, with no straight lines and curved walls,  lots of colourful tiles and small windows in strange places. It was designed for one family!

 I really liked it, particularly the roof, where you can enjoy a view of Barcelona.


maryb said...

I hope to get there one day - awesome architecture.

czavros said...

Phoebe, Mummy took me to see all the beautiful buildings too. I can remember standing on the rooftop too. It was so beautiful
Love Grandma Chrsi