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Monday, October 24, 2011

moving house...

In Barcelona most people live in apartments, so moving house is a bit tricky. You have to hire a crane to lift all your furniture up over the balcony! This is a common sight in Barcelona.

Our friend Peter is an artist who has been living in Barcelona for 5 years. He brought his piano all the way from Australia and it had to be lifted up over the whole building and down into the courtyard. I had a go at playing it.


al said...

Hello Princess

Hope you're having fun in Barcelona.

I like your giraffe drawing.

That crane looks a bit like a giraffe too, don't you think?!

Miss you lots.

big love

al x

czavros said...

Hi Phoebe,
You look right at home at that piano. When I was little I learnt to play the piano and then the violin. I wasn't very good and I was a naughty girl and wouldn't practise. I wish I had and I would be able to play now.
Lots of love as always
Grandma Chris

maryb said...

I've seen this in Paris too.
I wonder what you played on the piano??