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Tuesday, November 1, 2011


Last night was Halloween and we decided to get into the dead souls spirit. Today is All Saints Day and it is a public holiday. Dad bought a pumpkin to carve a Jack O'Lantern for us.

We put a candle in it and turned off the lights. It was really scary.

Mum bought me a witch's hat to wear and Dad drew a spider on my face.

My sister didn't like any of the Halloween costumes in the shops. She picked a musketeer costume instead. We went out trick or treat-ing. A lot of people couldn't understand what we were saying but my sister went into every shop and waited until they gave her something. 

We didn't ask the police for anything.


czavros said...

Oh my girls,
you looked so scary. Did you have a good time?
Great pumpkin Daddy and great facepainting.
Olympia I would have loved to see you asking the shopkeepers fo a treat.
Love Grandma

maryb said...

I'm really laughing - I can just see you and Olympia scaring people and getting treats...... I like both your costumes, - you look a bit wicked in the last photo.

Miss D said...

Love your Halloween ideas Phoebe and Olympia it looks like lots of fun being scary......the pumpkin made me jump!

Christine Knight said...

Miss Phoebe, I don't like spiders AT ALL - so your costume is too scary for me!
The pumpkin looks fabulous and I wish I was there to see you waiting patiently for your lollies from the shop keepers! What a lot of fun.
Chrissy xxx