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Saturday, November 5, 2011

milano comes to barcelona

Our friend James came to stay with us for a few days. I really like James. He is studying finance in Milan  (he has a lovely girlfriend already) and he brought some really delicious Italian pastries.

We made sure we introduced him to special Spanish things like xorcata, and showed him some of the sights in Barcelona.

We had a tapas lunch in the Boqueria, Barcelona's most famous market, we visited some Gaudi buildings and the Cathedral cloisters and even managed to get to the beach again.

We even helped James study for his 'derivatives' exam. Apparently this has nothing to do with a 1980s revival as Mum and Dad thought.

from Phoebe


Lydia said...

I can't decide who is the luckiest one, James for his lovely holiday, or Phoebe who enters the world of high finance at such a tender age

Anonymous said...

It that a little crush I detect Miss Phoebe? He looks lovely and I'm so pleased you are having such a wonderful time. It's nice getting visitors.
Give big hugs to everyone.
Miss you.
Chrissy xxx

czavros said...

Hi Girls,
Tell daddy thanks for the beautiful photos of Leo. My computer at home has since died but when I get it fixed I'll try Skype.
Luckily I can use my school computer to read your blog.
Phoebe, I think James is very handsome!!!!!!
Love Grandma Chris