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Thursday, November 10, 2011

Desayuno de Cabra (breakfast de goat!)

As you may have noticed previously, we get very excited at breakfast time here. Today was a special day because Leo sat in the high chair for the first time. He was very happy about this. Our table is such a mess because we all like to eat so many different things even though it's all about goat cheese today (queso de cabra) to go with our fresh bara (baguette).

Today I'm eating Roncari Blue which is a strong tasting roquefort blue sheep's cheese, and also little Babybel cheeses which have their own little wax seal.

Olympia's favourite cheese is Garcia Baquero goat's cheese slices. She has this everyday and she puts the slices on fresas (strawberry) jam

Mum is trying a new cheese today. It is goat cheese from Muntanyola. She is eating it with honey (mel).

 Leo is having baby porridge and sampling small bits from everyone's plate.

Dad is having his favourite goat cheese Soignon Saint Maure, a French cheese. Cheese is called fromage in France, which is a bit similar to the Catalan word for cheese, fromatge, which is different to the Spanish, queso - confusing! He is also eating a local delicacy called sobrassada, which is a bit like jam made of meat. It makes him happy.

We are listening to this:

Pumped up kicks by Foster the People is my favourite song at the moment.


czavros said...

Hi Phoebe,
Leo looks so cute and big and so handsome. He was 7 months old yesterday! I'm with Olympia I would like strawberry jam with my cheese on that yummy, yummy bread.
I remember eating yummy food at that same table when you were Leo's age.
Love Grandma Chris

maryb said...

I love these photos of you all at breakfast. Your mum looks very chic in her pyjamas!
Leo looks as if he wants more food.....
It must be really interesting trying different food. Cornflakes will be sooooo boring when you get home.
love Mary

maryb said...

I meant to say Phoebe- that I really really like those babybel cheeses ( little baby cheeses---- you will be singing that song soon)..... I always buy them when I'm travelling because they are neat & easy to open & travel with ( in the car.)
love Mary x

Anonymous said...

Breakfast looks like so much fun in your house! My boring bowl of cereal isn't so exciting now!

Miss D said...

Hello gorgeous people!!!
Phoebe and Olympia your dad looks so funny in that photo!!! ahahaha and your breakfast tables are just delicious many cheeses so little time...think of me eating my boring old muesli...LOL xox