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Monday, November 14, 2011

hollywood comes to barcelona

My godmother Kimberley came to visit for 5 days after she had been in Kazakhstan where she is directing a documentary. My Mum has known her for over 30 years and they are best friends. They hadn't seen each other for two years so it was a special time. We went with her to Tarragona overnight and stayed in a hotel.

All this time I didn't know she had been in many television shows, but when we were having lunch in a very small restaurant in Tarragona two girls recognized her from Lost! They had their photograph taken with her. It was very funny because I didn't even know she was a star. She is to me anyway.

We visited some of the amazing Roman ruins and visited the cloisters of the cathedral.

There is more to blog about our visit to Tarragona (we have been there twice now) but this is what we had for dessert when we went with Kimberley: fresh orange cut up and dusted with cinnamon and sugar. So delicious!

from Phoebe


Anonymous said...

After seeing your film of you and Miss O - I think you 2 are the next big stars! I'm so pleased that you all got to catch up with Kimberly. Did Mummy and Kimberly manage to stop talking at any stage????? I'm guessing they didn't! haha.

Keep blogging gorgeous girl.
Chrissy xxx
PS. The oranges look amazing, I think I might try making them this summer. xxx

Gould Girls said...

Looks amazing Phoebe...fancy having so many famous people in your life! Loralie sends a big hello and loves your stories and photos. Keep having fun

maryb said...

I'll have to Google Lost & your godmother's name--- she looks a gorgeous happy person, and I can tell she loved being with you . Your Mum must have loved having her to stay.
I will try the oranges this weekend - they look delicious - and so easy to prepare.
It's hot here now.
Love Maryx

czavros said...

Watch out I think Kimberly would love to steal Leo away. Actually watch out for all the ladies in Spain, with those lovely cheeks he is so so cute.
Grandma Chris