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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

the rain in Spain

October and November are the rainy months of the year in Barcelona and we have certainly had lots of rain lately. Today was very wet so we stayed in and did some drawing. Mum bought Olympia and I a sketchpad that has each page printed with a frame so our drawings look very special.  Now that we have put some on the walls, our apartment looks special too.

Mum by Phoebe Zavros

Unicorn and Rainbow by Olympia Zavros

Lady in a palace a long time ago by Phoebe Zavros

Dad by Olympia Zavros

Woman feeding animals on a farm by Phoebe Zavros

All works are for sale, price on application. GST doesn't apply in Spain.

from Phoebe


maryb said...

What a hard decision - trying to choose which drawing to buy. They are ALL fantastic...... eenie meenie minee mo!! Please may I buy the Woman Feeding Animal on a Farm??? Phew - no GST - that will make a big difference.....
I hope your Mum is buying lots of those drawing pads with frames because I don't think they are available here - maybe your Dad would know?
Did Dad do some drawings too & are they for sale with no GST...???
You and Olympia are very good at drawing --- the walls look fabulous.. xx to you all, Mary

khristie B said...

That sketch book is awesome. I love that your art is ready to hang. Stella, Alby and Ginger would love one.

czavros said...

Hi girls,
I really love your drawings. Phoebe I love the lady from long and Olympia I love your unicorn and rainbow.You are writing your name so well Olympia.The frames on the writing paper make the drawings look so good. Keep up the good work girls.
love Grandma Chris

Olivia said...

Wow you girls are really really good at drawings.
Mum said she likes the one Phoebe did of the ‘woman feeding the animals’ & she loves the one Olympia did of her cranky daddy!!!
Phoebe I like the one you did of your mum & Olympia I like the one you did of your dad.
Love you.
Love Lou XX

Christine said...

I love them all - the one of Cranky Daddy is really funny! I also love the sketch pad, what a great idea.

Big hugs
Chrissy xxx