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Saturday, November 5, 2011

water, water, everywhere...

All over Barcelona there are public water fountains where you can fill up your drink bottle or let your dog (or Dad) have a drink.

This one is in the cloister of the cathedral in Barcelona, where 13 geese live. Santa Eulalia was 13 when she became a saint, so there is a goose for each year of her life. My Grandma Chris brought me here when I was only Leo's age.

This fountain is in Tarragona, in the old town near the cathedral. When we came by the next day somebody had written graffiti on it!

from Phoebe

1 comment:

czavros said...

Phoebe, I remember the day so well. The cathedral was beautiful and I loved the story of the thirteen geese. Ask Mummy about the photo I have of you in your pram with a 'miraculous' light shining on you!!!!!!
Grandma Chris