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Monday, November 14, 2011

a tower in Tarragona

On our second visit to the town of Tarragona, we stopped to have coffee at a cafe in the old city near the cathedral. There were many local people gathering outside wearing traditional Catalan costume. We could tell something was about to happen.  Soon we heard a drummer and then a trumpeter begin to play.

People dressed in red and white stripes with black sashes tied around their waist began to form a huddle. There were men, women and children of all ages.

They were making a human castell (castle). This is common all over Catalunya during festes (festivals) but in Tarragona they really love doing this. They are called castellers.

It was very exciting to watch the castle grow,

and grow...

The top of the castell is always finished by children.

Two little girls with red crash helmets climbed to the top very fast, shimmying up the adults, then crossed over the castell and climbed down the other side, to a big round of applause. 

Here are two future castellers.

from Phoebe


Miss D said...

Wow that looks amazing but I think i'd be too much of a chicken to climb to the top and down about you girls could you do it???

maryb said...

That's what I love about travelling - you see things that are different and unexpected.
EVERYONE would have to wear a helmet if they tried that here, and have to have a special permit etc etc .....
I like your red scarves in your hair P & O.
Mary xxxxx

khristie B said...

You are so lucky to see this. Stella and I just read about this in a Ripley's Believe it or not book. Looks dangerous but fun.

czavros said...

Now girls don't let Daddy talk you into trying out one of those towers at home. I've actually got some photos of Daddy doing that when he was a little boy at school. Ask him if he remembers.
Love Grandma Chris