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Thursday, November 3, 2011


This week we all bought espadrilles. These canvas slipper shoes have been made in this part of Spain since the 14th Century. This shop is famous in  Barcelona for selling Espadrilles.

The soles are made from rope and they come in lots of different colours. I chose pink and my sister chose orange espadrilles.  Dad picked light green, mum picked dark green, James who is visiting from Milan picked blue and Kimberley who is visiting from LA picked red.


maryb said...

Do you like wearing them Phoebe, and are they comfortable? They are so traditional and very - I used to think - French, but maybe they are Spanish....? Your mum would know. Great colours, and I liked trying to guess who owned which shoe.!!
Mary xx

czavros said...

Hi Girls,
You didn't have to tell me which shoes were Daddy's. I'd know those feet anywhere.
I think I would choose bright pink.
They do look beautiful.
Miss you heaps.
Grandma Chris
PS Some more photos of Leo please.