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Friday, November 25, 2011

pan's labyrinth

I came to this park first when I was here six years ago. It is called the Parc del Laberint (labyrinth or maze).

It was originally owned by the Desvalls family, who in 1791 hired an architect to create a cypress maze. The family wanted to create an Italian style garden in Spain.

We weren't allowed to go into the maze because it was being clipped. Some parts of the maze were very shaggy and overgrown but where the gardeners had finished clipping, the maze was like a green wall.

Mum said we could come back on another day when the clipping is done and get lost in the maze. 

The maze is so tall, the gardeners have to stand on ladders and scaffolding to trim the top. The newly clipped cypresses smell fresh and minty.

We had our own picnic lunch and decided to explore the park.

There were lots of beautiful things to see. Here is a temple that only princesses can visit,

and a forest that only princesses can enter...

There was a lake that contained mermaids that look like common goldfish.

 Because everything in the park is so very old, some things are breaking. This statue has lost its nose.

And this one has lost its whole head!

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czavros said...

Wow, Phoebe what an interesting maze. The parc looks like a very cool place to visit. Even though you couldn't get lost in it seeing how the gardeners look after it was a good experience.
Love Grandma Chris